Hardy Builders, LLC is serious when it comes to quality in the homes they build… It’s not just a “catchphrase”.  This attention to detail is maintained through the entire building process; including phases of construction most buyers are unfamiliar with – foundation and framing. While every homebuyer wants their home to have attractive finishes, Hardy Builders knows the paramount importance of constructing high quality, solid foundations and framing that is level, plumb, and square.  This will insure a true quality built home that will last.  Quality is also insured by using first rate materials and only sub-contractors that provide superior workmanship.

Personal supervision is guaranteed on every home we build.  Integrity, credit worthiness, and quality workmanship have been ongoing trademarks of Hardy Builders.  Daryl likes to use the phrase spoken by his father, “old school”.  He insures the high standards Hardy Builders has defined over the years.  He does this first and foremost by being present on the construction site on a daily basis.  He keeps his word and if he tells you something – you can depend on it.  Daryl is a “hands on” builder overseeing every step of the construction process.

In addition to watching every detail of the building process, Hardy Builders is proud to participate in the construction of ENERGY STAR qualified homes.  ENERGY STAR qualified homes can include a variety of energy-efficient features such as effective insulation, high performance windows, tight construction and ducts, efficient heating and cooling equipment and ENERGY STAR qualified lighting and appliances.  These features contribute to improved home quality and homeowner comfort, and to lower energy demand and reduced air pollution. ENERGY STAR also encourages the use of energy-efficient lighting and appliances, as well as features designed to improve indoor air quality. To find out more about ENERGY STAR homes, please click here.

We strive to make the building experience “user friendly”.  As a client of Hardy Builders, LLC, you are guided throughout all stages of the construction and purchasing process.  Daryl will help in choosing a lot, selecting a plan and reviewing the contract.  Decorators are available to assist you in determining how you would like to have the house finished to make it your own.   Regular meetings between Daryl and every client are scheduled to review progress and to address any concerns along the way.

Daryl personally inspects each and every home he builds continually during construction.  Special attention is given to ensuring accurate foundations that are properly waterproofed.  Framing is of paramount importance and is checked daily.  Cabinets and trim are installed by true professionals for proper fit and finish.  A final drywall review is always made before the painting is begun.  Another hallmark of Hardy Builders, LLC that Daryl is proud of is the little things he does that most people never see.  For instance, he covers the ductwork floor openings preventing debris from entering.  The frame wall cavities are vacuumed before the drywall is hung to prevent dust from accumulating. The basement excavation is cleaned of all refuse before backfilling.  The foundation is raked and brick scrap is removed before rough and final grading. And of course, landscaping is never considered secondary; instead it is our “finishing touch” that gives the home stunning curb appeal.